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Virtual Ugilic

Virtual Ugilic

20 August 2023 Agile, Consulting, Education
In a nutshell

Virtual Ugilic is the world’s first AI-powered virtual agile consultant, publicly available.


The rapid advances in AI technology have prompted many organizations to integrate AI solutions into their processes, aiming to optimize their operations and enhance user experience. Leading the pack is Ugilic, a trailblazing agile consultancy firm, which has now introduced its revolutionary AI advisor to assist clients with all their agile-related challenges.

With open eyes, Ugilic wants to challenge a part of the agile consulting and advisory industry. The goal is to shift attention back to high-impact, valuable, and experience-based consulting, which is likely to remain relevant for a long time. Many organizations are spending a significant amount of money on agile consultants who can easily be replaced by simple AI. Virtual Ugilic is an experiment aimed at proving this hypothesis.


The goal is for the virtual consultant to have a behavior that matches Ugilic's physical consultants as much as possible. A behavior based on being helpful, present, honest, pragmatic, transparent, and experimental. Ugilic's consultants speak out and are true to their values and principles. So must the virtual Ugilic consultant.

It has been a challenge to achieve this behavior entirely. The AI-powered solution continues to be optimized to become even better for this.


The Virtual Consultant is your co-pilot, ready to help you out with your challenges related to Agile

This includes all Agile topics like Scrum team issues, leadership concerns, guidance on frameworks (like Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, all the different scaling frameworks, etc.), agile book recommendations, product development issues, and everything related to facilitation, process optimization etc.

Or if you just need a good chat with an agile fellow who understands. (Not many humans really do, actually.)

The solution was launched on May 30th, 2023.

Virtual Ugilic is a designed AI persona. Our solution is customized to mimic the personality traits, beliefs, advisory styles, behavior, etc. of physical Ugilic consultants.

The AI solution is built by comprehensive training in Agile methodologies, including an in-depth knowledge of esteemed authors and literature. It recognizes the pioneers of Agile and the importance of frequent delivery of business value by self-organizing agile teams. Together with Ugilic we are teaching it Ugilic’s own experiences (good and bad) from the real world complex consulting projects. The training includes Ugilic’s experiences with agile transitions and change processes, successful leadership paradigms, and sound agile values and principles.

The solution can even help you build your next high-performance team. And coach you in leading the team afterward.


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