Imagine walking up to a stranger and asking, “What should I wear today?” Without context, how can they know if you’re going to a business meeting, a casual lunch, or a costume party? The same principle applies to our agile AI buddy here. It’s not fair to expect laser-precise advice without providing context. The more specific information you provide, the more targeted and useful the chatbot’s recommendations will be.

The Power of Asking to Be Asked

Sometimes, you might find that the advice from the chatbot doesn’t hit the mark. Before you call it a day, you can try using the The Perfect Prompt Formula, but there is also another very simple but magic trick. 

 In a stalled conversation, tell the bot this: “Ask me a few questions to improve your recommendation.” 

The magic trick to improve the advice from the chatbot By doing this, you’re essentially turning the tables and giving the chatbot a chance to understand the specifics of your situation. Like a consultant sitting across from you with a notepad, the bot starts digging deeper, tailoring its advice to your needs.

Let’s Get Interactive

Now, what happens when you ask the bot to ask you questions? It turns into an interactive conversation where the chatbot might ask about your team size, the nature of your project, or the challenges you’re facing. As the conversation evolves, the chatbot’s recommendations become increasingly relevant and practical.

Embrace the Back-and-Forth

Building a productive relationship with our virtual agile coach is like a dance. Don’t hesitate to go back-and-forth. The more you engage, the more the chatbot will learn about your unique context, sharpening its advice along the way.

Take the Leap

So, next time you find yourself seeking wisdom from our chatbot Virtual Ugilic chatbot, remember the magic phrase: ““Ask me a few questions to improve your recommendation.” Through this interactive exchange, you will not only receive more targeted advice but also become an active participant in your own learning journey. Give it a go and let the AI-powered consultation transform the way you embrace Agile methodologies.